How to Apply Print

Can’t wait to join us? Just a few easy steps to follow! Our professional team is pleased to assist you throughout your application process. Are you ready? Let’s GO!

Step 1
Say YES to join “Malaysia My Second Home Program”
Step 2
Submit us your application with documents needed.
Documents required:
  • Letter of Application
  • 2 copies of IM.12 Form (Social Visit Pass)
  • 2 Colored Passport Size Photographs
  • Certificate copy of Passport/ Travel Documents (All Pages)
  • Certificate copy of Marriage Certificate (for Applicants with spouse)
  • Certificate copy(s) of Birth Certificates (for Applicants with children)
  • Certificate copy(s) of latest bank statement or other related financial document(s) to proof financial capability to support your stay in Malaysia
  • At least 3 months certified copies of pay slip, pension slip or income statement (for applicants over 50 years old and to indicate the offshore income)
Step 3
Approval letter released by Malaysia Immigration
Step 4
You arrive in Malaysia
Step 5
Submit the supplementary documents to Malaysia Immigration
  • Open a 5 year fixed deposit account with an automatically updated system in any bank of Malaysia
  • Possess a valid medical insurance in Malaysia
Step 6
Get endorsement of Malaysia My Second Home Sticker in passport
  • Issuing fee of Social Visit Pass is RM90 per year.
  • Duration of the Pass is based on your passport validity.