Malaysia Property developers interested buyers with Indonesia Print
Monday, 30 March 2009 18:37

When property prices tend to decrease demand, developers are now the country also faces new competitors in the country's. Recently many developers more incentive to promote Malaysian products in Indonesia them. In fact, for menggaet buyers, developers Malaysia more zealous for the exhibition.

In Malaysia there own program to sell the property of the total market to about 20-30 percent offered to the international market. Well, Indonesia is considered the market is very promising.

Malaysia offers developers the legality of the excess property, each one of them owned property there directly into the property of the buyer. "Freehold certificate, if the certificate in the property. No change," said Emmy Cong, Yuk Tung Development Manager Bhd, a Malaysian developer who offers residential The Peak.

He explains, the characteristics of the people of Indonesia and Malaysia are almost similar. Both have properties more like the land. "If the market in Indonesia, most want to have a home. We offer a house worth Rp 3.2 billion to Rp 4 billion and target the middle," he said.

According to Anton Sitorus, Head of Research Jones Lang LaSalle Indonesia, Malaysia optimism developers to sell the product properties in Indonesia can dimaklumi. He said, sedari always the berduit generally interested to invest in a location not too far from Indonesia.

"If in Singapore or Australia, usually their investment in the property factor because there is education, for example, he has children in school there," he said.

In addition, the Government of Malaysia also has a number of special programs related to ownership of this property, one of the program Malaysia My Second Home, in which every family with a foreigner who is essentially buying a house can live for 10 years in Malaysia. Condition should have a deposit 150000-300000 Ringgit Malaysia. In the second year, the deposit can be taken and disisakan of 60,000 Ringgit Malaysia during her stay in Malaysia.



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