Bon Odori Festival 2009 Print
Saturday, 18 July 2009 22:23

Bon Odori 2009

Location: Esplanade, Penang

Date: 18th July 2009

Organizer: The Consulate of Japan

Contact: 04-2263030

Bon Odori Festival is a Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families. Traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors. Last year, Bon Odori attracted around 50,000 locals and tourists.


In view of the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, the Japanese consulate in Penang has advised those who are not feeling well to stay away from the Bon Odori Festival. Face masks will be sold at the event site with a help-desk manned by the Penang Health Department.

Pictures from 2008 Bon Odori:

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