Saturday, 13 November 2010 15:05
The Ben Rose Auto Museum Home, Photo:

It has been a long time that people build homes instead of just houses. Taking into account to make them as green and as liveable as possible under our climatic conditions.

Why would foreigners pick Malaysia as their second home if it is not for the beautiful homes we can offer them. If the same could be found in their own home land a 2nd home in Malaysia would not be a good choice.

Homes under the MM2H should be as charming as possible, better than those found in their county of origin.

Is is there important to understand what their needs are. Design and layout may have to be specially tailored to their needs. No just the normal type and design of house which are be churned out of drawing boards of our local architects.

PAM, Local governments and tourism NGOsĀ  should sit together to sort out the various issues face by the prospective MM2H participants.


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