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Discontinuation of The Reduction Of Fixed Deposit Placement Based On Property Purchase And MM2H Approval By Government Pension
Kindly be informed that MM2H Centre has discontinued the reduction of Fixed Deposit placement based on property purchase worth RM1 million and above in Malaysia. Also discontinued is the MM2H...
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Thursday, 04 December 2008 20:06

One of Malaysia's beautiful beaches...

One of Malaysia's beautiful beaches...

Malaysia is one of the less well-known, smaller countries in East Asia. Most of the foreigners I spoke to have sooner or later admitted that they ended up there pretty much by accident. Yet it is a country with beautiful nature and a quite developed capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

Now there is a new campaign introduced by the Malaysian government called “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H). It aims to attract more foreigners to the country and offers them a range of very attractive benefits. For example, people qualifying for this program

  • can buy a local or import their foreign car without paying import duty, excise duty or sales tax.
  • are free to purchase a house on the condition it is worth more than RM250,000. (Equivalent of USD70,000 or EUR55,000)
  • can bring their kids under age 18 to study there
  • AND can actually apply for a domestic worker, as they so nicely put it.

If you are looking to relocate to Asia or emigrate to a tropical country, you probably know there’s often many catches that non-locals can easily fall for. This catch is pretty straight forward: pay up. Proof you are financially self-sufficient (as you are not allowed to work in Malaysia), either through a deposit or by showing your fixed pension plan, and the 10-years Visit Pass to Malaysia is yours…

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur


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