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Drawn by hospitality and scenic sights Print E-mail
Monday, 26 January 2009 20:05

WHILE Sabah is known for its natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle, it is the sunny weather, friendly people and comparatively low cost of living that really attracts most retirees.

Dutch couple Dick Sluijmers and Ineke Hertogh had been searching for their place in the sun for 10 years, exploring the Dutch Antilles, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Thailand and even the Caribbean.

Since 2004, they have visited Sabah three times, and it made a great impression with its beautiful beaches and colourful mix of cultures. They were impressed by the racial and religious tolerance as well. But it was a few encounters with super helpful Sabahans that clinched the deal.

"We were very impressed by the people's hospitality. They practically adopted us even though they barely knew us. They were amazingly helpful and informative," said the 54-year-old Sluijmers.

"We really enjoy being one with nature, camping, sleeping on our boat out at sea and diving. And Sabah has plenty to offer in that aspect," said Hertogh. The couple have been living in Sabah since 2007, and recently moved into a beachfront property in Kinarut.
The retired couple have signed up with a local four-wheel-drive club to explore the interior and coastline in their souped-up double cabin vehicle.

And while the Dutch couple drive cross country, Canadians Bill and Rina Jamieson seem determined to walk.

The athletic couple have climbed Mount Kinabalu twice, trekked the Imbak Canyon, Danum Valley, Mount Trus Madi and the Salt trail. They took part in the re-enactment of the World War 2 Sandakan Death March, and in several Hash House Harriers runs. They have also indulged in plenty of diving, river cruises and the odd rock climb.

"Sabah has all these things to offer, so we like to take full advantage," said Bill, a 62-year-old oil drill consultant who has been in Sabah under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme for six years.


Source: New Striats Times

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